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there are hannah montana lyrics for whatever life throws at you

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Jennifer Lawrence, Elle Magazine 2012

I want you to know that it is not always easy to love me. That sometimes my chest is a field full of landmines, and where you went last night, you can’t go tomorrow. There is no manual, there is no road map, no help line you can call; my body does not come with instructions, and sometimes even I don’t know what to do with it. This cannot be easy. But still, you touch me anyway. —Ivan E. Coyote (via colinfirth)

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Xenon [ REVAMPED ] | Preview & theme code


  • 250/400/500 size posts
  • 6 custom links (yes you can add more)
  • 1/2 colum posts
  • pagination & endless scrolling included
  • title option (leave blank if you don’t want anything)
  • date, notes and reblog appear when post is hovered


  • show caption
  • grayscale
  • endless scrolling or pagination
  • other features and options included

Sidebar image credit

  • dimensions are: 220px by 305px
  • it doesn’t automatically resize so you have to resize it yourself. Please don’t ask me how to do it

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The Great Gatsby Cast List

Jay Gatsby :: Leonardo Dicaprio
Daisy Buchanan :: Carey Mulligan
Nick Carraway :: Toby McGuire
Jordan Baker :: Elizabeth Debicki
Tom Buchanan :: Joel Edgerton
Myrtle Wilson :: Isla Fisher
Meyer Wolfsheim :: Amitabh Bachchan

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